Guided projects

Learn by doing. We will collaboratively implement several real world projects together. You will attend the full software development cycle.

Write code –> Test it -> Review it –> deploy to environment –> and debug it.

Below you will find projects descriptions and technical stack that you will use to implement it.

Technology stack

Application Functionalities

  • Admin Panel, to manage the shop and products, product catalog and users
  • User authorization and authentication system
  • Integration with AWS or Azure cloud to store images
  • Shopping cart. Which should keep products till the checkout
  • Integration with Stripe payment system.

Fully functional e-commerce application

  • Spring boot
  • Spring MVC HTML + CSS + JavaScript
  • Spring Security,
  • Spring Boot Persistence
  • Third party services (AWS, Azure)
  • Relational databases. (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
  • Payment system integration
  • Git
  • Docker

Small Fully functional Command line concurrent Java application.

Application Functionalities

  • Simulated Concurrent producers
  • Simulated Concurrent delivery agents
  • Producers will produce goods into the store and delivery agents will deliver them also concurrently

Technical stack

  • Java Collections
  • Java Streams
  • Java Threads, Concurrency , Parallelism
  • Databases
  • Java IO

Small command line application which will manage a restaurant menu system.

Application Functionality

  • Food menu management
  • Food order management

Technical stack

  • Java Collections
  • Java Streams
  • Java IO